No More Torpor: An Immersive Artistic Experience

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Whether caught up in the whirlwind of midterms or slogging through the monotony of daily life, sometimes what Bi-Co students really need is to take a step back and enjoy their surroundings. No More Torpor is a new club dedicated to immersing students into the unexpected and whimsical through the arts. I interviewed club head Justine Stiftel, BMC ‘20, to get a better understanding of the club’s goals and message.

Q: What is No More Torpor?

A: We are a Bryn Mawr club dedicated to the idea of play in daily life. I often find myself getting caught in a rut and bogged down by all the work I have on my plate. Finding art in unexpected places always helps me to take a step back and rediscover the world around me.

Q: What is the goal of the club?

A: To help alleviate stress, monotony, and torpor in the Bryn Mawr and Haverford communities. Additionally, I feel that utilizing shared spaces in ways that encourage people to occupy them helps to foster community on campus.

Q: Why do you feel that it is important to have creative space on campus?

A: Art is such a land of wonder and discovery, which in my opinion are the things that make life worth living. [Art] can help you to look at the things around you in a new light and to remember that the world has beauty in it.

Q: What inspired you to create this club?

A: Inspiration is a funny thing. It wasn’t as though one experience lead me to want to create this group, but getting to see what groups like MeowWolf [an immersive art experience in Santa Fe] have done with interactive art spaces is probably the main thing that opened up the world of art as a means of building community and experiencing magic.

Q: How do you want to get people on both Haverford and Bryn Mawr’s campuses involved? How can they enjoy what the club is about?

A: All you have to do is look around! Check the nooks and crannies that people usually ignore. Go outside, and don’t be afraid to take a moment to discover something you’re passing by. For now, we are restricted to Bryn Mawr’s campus, so you’ll have to be at BMC to enjoy it.

Q: Are there any events coming up soon?

A: We’re putting up small art installations in random locations through the rest of the semester, and our big event will be up throughout finals week.

Photo Courtesy of Justine Stiftel

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