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Romantic Piano and Cello Concert Serenades Listeners

By Chloe Lindeman, Co-Editor-in-Chief Michal Schmidt is not your run-of-the-mill professional cellist: she has studied music all over the world, and she has held a number of impressive posts as cellist. She also just happens to be an incredible pianist. In a “Music and Conversation” concert at Haverford College’s Marshall Auditorium on Sunday, Feb. 12,… Keep Reading


The Saving Power of Poetry: A Talk by Sparrow

By Rachel Hertzberg, Staff Writer In Haverford College’s Multicultural Center on Friday, Feb. 2, the poet Sparrow gave a talk entitled “Agility in the Age of Trump: Can Poetry Save Us?” As the room filled up, Sparrow played an improvisational piece on the piano, and students, faculty, and community members settled in for an entertaining… Keep Reading


Review of Exhibiting Africa: Ways of Seeing, Knowing, and Showing

By Diana Pope, Staff Writer This February, anybody can gain a fresh perspective on the history of African Art by visiting the student-organized exhibit Exhibiting Africa: Ways of Seeing, Knowing, and Showing in Canaday Library. Students from the museum studies course, “The Politics and Poetics of Race” gathered an array of artifacts, sculptures, and photographs… Keep Reading


Haverford College’s New Exhibit Features Andy Warhol

By Emilia Otte, Copy Editor In the Atrium Gallery of the Marshall Fine Arts Center on Friday, Jan. 27, Haverford College unveiled its latest exhibit, entitled “Andy Warhol: The Pop Image Subverted”. Featured most prominently in the exhibit are Warhol’s famous psychedelic screen prints of flowers and of Marilyn Monroe, sets of which take up… Keep Reading


Spotlight on Creativity: “The Coyote File” Unshelved

By Chloe Lindeman, Co-Editor-in-Chief When was the last time you wrote or created something that really made you proud? For Alex Brooks (HC ’17), that moment is now — but it’s been in the works for more than four years. This Thursday, Brooks, a political science and Russian double major, is releasing the prologue to… Keep Reading

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“20 Feet from Stardom:” The Making of a Real Star

By Abby Hoyt, Co-Editor-in-Chief In an era where most Hollywood singers sport commanding attitudes and resplendent clothing, Lisa Fischer’s humble nature and casual attire convinces the world to re-examine what makes someone a star. Fischer strolled onto the stage in Bryn Mawr College’s Goodhart Theatre with a deep purple shawl draped gently across her body.… Keep Reading


Consent to Be Seen: Magill Library’s Newest Exhibit

By Sophie Webb, Features Editor Sharpless Gallery in Haverford College’s Magill Library is home to a new exhibit, this one titled Consent to Be Seen. A collection of works by Riva Lehrer, the exhibit opened Oct. 28 and is curated by Courtney Carter ‘17 and Assistant Professor of Writing Kristin Lindgren. The exhibit is a… Keep Reading

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ASA Takes Center Stage in “A Work in Translation”

By Meredith Scheiring, Contributing Writer Saturday, Oct. 1 was the annual Bryn Mawr Asian Students Association (ASA) Culture Show. Titled “A Work in Translation,” this year’s event featured several groups from the Bi- and Tri-Co, the Philadelphia area, and around the country. The show opened with Kyo Daiko, a Philadelphia community group associated with the… Keep Reading

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