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You Deserve to be Here Too

By Kate Weiler, Staff Writer Last week, I read an article that made me feel incredibly small. I felt powerless and hurt and confused, but mostly small. It has been five days, and I still cannot get it out of my mind. I am being brought to tears re-reading the piece and writing a response to… Keep Reading

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Bryn Mawr Student Wages and Employment: Expect Changes

By Emilia Otte, Copy Editor  Administration, students, and faculty of Bryn Mawr College met on Wednesday, September 14 for the first diversity conversation of the year to discuss changes in the way student employment on campus will be structured, with a particular focus on wages and professional development. Two major changes are currently in the… Keep Reading

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Professor Profile: Professor Caroline Van Sickle

By Kate Hawthorne, Staff Writer This year the Bryn Mawr community welcomes Visiting Assistant Professor Caroline Van Sickle, a paleoanthropologist and veteran of the Rising Star Project, into the anthropology and archaeology departments here at Bryn Mawr. Professor Van Sickle focuses on paleoanthropology, the study of human bones and the kinship lines between humans and… Keep Reading

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“Last Friday Night”

By Vidya Ramaswamy, Layout Editor Dr. Dana Litt, an Assistant Professor in the University of Washington’s Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors, came to Bryn Mawr on Sept. 28 to discuss her research about how social media affects alcohol consumption among young adults. “What I’m arguing today is that the Internet and social… Keep Reading

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Fall 2016 Plenary Reaches Quorum in Record Time

By Sophie Webb, Features Editor Bryn Mawr students passed one resolution at Fall Plenary on the evening of Sunday, September 25, after reaching quorum in 59 minutes. Sunday’s plenary was slightly different than plenaries of the past.  According to current SGA President Rhea Manglani, “Starting at 7 p.m. was the biggest [difference]. We reached quorum… Keep Reading

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