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Consent to Be Seen: Magill Library’s Newest Exhibit

By Sophie Webb, Features Editor Sharpless Gallery in Haverford College’s Magill Library is home to a new exhibit, this one titled Consent to Be Seen. A collection of works by Riva Lehrer, the exhibit opened Oct. 28 and is curated by Courtney Carter ‘17 and Assistant Professor of Writing Kristin Lindgren. The exhibit is a… Keep Reading


We Know Who We Are: The Newest Disney Movie

By Kate Hawthorne, Staff Writer         Thanksgiving week saw the arrival of the newest Disney movie, Moana, in theaters. Starring Auli’i Cravalho (a new talent) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the movie focuses on the tradition and history of the Polynesian Islands, and does it well. The newest Disney movie has many themes similar to… Keep Reading


Meet the Cabinet

By Abby Hoyt, Co-Editor-in-Chief President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team has been faced with its first major task: nominating over 4,000 people for positions throughout the federal government. These positions will help determine the direction of the country in major areas like health care, military action and international relations. His appointments will be crucial in determining… Keep Reading


In Response to Christine Flowers’ “Privileged College Kids Don’t Understand Real Social Injustice”

By Katya Olson Shipyatsky, Staff Writer On November 18th an article entitled  “Privileged College Kids Don’t Understand Real Social Injustice”, written by Bryn Mawr alumna Christine Flowers, was published on article was in reference to a student organized protest at the Lower Merion Police Department on Wednesday, November 16th which was in response to the chapter’s… Keep Reading


A Glimmer of Hope in the 2016 Election

By Kate Weiler, Staff Writer It’s hard to deny that Wednesday, Nov. 9 was a memorable day. And now that almost a month has passed, the decisions made have already begun to build a foundation for the future of the United States. I will focus on three pillars of this foundation: women, wages, and weed.… Keep Reading


Quaker Values in a Time of Divisiveness

By Michael Schwarze, Business Manager In the aftermath of the election, political polarization seems to be at an all-time high around the nation and even within the Bi-College community. Disagreement is important because it forces people to face viewpoints different from their own, but it sometimes dissolves into back-and-forth arguments where neither side is listening.… Keep Reading


How Not to Study Abroad

By Fiona Redmond, News Editor The articles circulating about Study Abroad seem to be endless: “10 Tips For Studying Abroad,” “Why Studying Abroad in England Was Literally The Best Choice I Have Ever Made,” “Drop Everything Immediately And Head To The Nearest Airport So You Can Study Abroad.” I could go on. The same culture… Keep Reading


Postcards from Abroad: Oxford, England

By Caleb Mayer, Contributing Writer In my entire life as a student, I’ve never been in a class with more than 40 people, so walking into the L1 Lecture Theatre at the Mathematical Institute at Oxford was a little intimidating. The room holds about 360 people at full capacity, and on the first day of… Keep Reading


Postcards from Abroad: Lima, Peru

By Dana Gold, Contributing Writer After spending four and a half months in Lima, Peru, my study abroad experience is coming to a close. And although I cannot yet consider myself a full limeña, I am definitely not a tourist anymore — even if the locals make me feel that way. I am five foot… Keep Reading

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