Haverford College’s New Exhibit Features Andy Warhol

By Emilia Otte, Copy Editor In the Atrium Gallery of the Marshall Fine Arts Center on Friday, Jan. 27, Haverford College unveiled its latest exhibit, entitled “Andy Warhol: The Pop Image Subverted”. Featured most prominently in the exhibit are Warhol’s famous psychedelic screen prints of flowers and of Marilyn Monroe, sets of which take up… Keep Reading


Women’s March Was a Movement for All

  By Elizabeth Hoo, Staff Writer I attended the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 . In anticipation of Trump’s actions in office, and particularly those that may affect women, many individuals marched to ensure that our nation would not be pushed back decades in federal policy. There were an estimated half-million marchers… Keep Reading


As We Go Marching, Marching (in Philadelphia)

By Kate Hawthorne, Staff Writer I ignored the TV and facebook streams all day on Jan. 20, 2017, as I tried to deny the fact that Donald J. Trump – entrepreneur “extraordinaire” – had just been inaugurated as the 45 president of the United States of America. I refused to read the transcript of his… Keep Reading


So They Marched. What’s Next?

By Emma Rogers, Staff Writer Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the United States’s 45th president on Jan. 20, 2017. The following day, millions of women marched in cities around the globe to protest. They jammed themselves into train cars and buses and filled the streets. Women of all ages, from toddlers atop their… Keep Reading


Bryn Mawr Church Prepares to Welcome Refugee Family

 By Emilia Otte, Copy Editor Representatives from Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church announced in a meeting sponsored by Civic Engagement that they are looking for student volunteers as the church prepares to welcome a refugee family to the Bryn Mawr area later this spring. During the meeting, which took place on Thursday, Jan. 19, Bryn Mawr… Keep Reading


Pat Croce on How to Succeed

By Michael Schwarze, Business Manager “Always, always, always, always, always do what you are afraid to do.” While simple and succinct, these words from Ralph Waldo Emerson have echoed throughout the career of Pat Croce, as he explained in Stokes Auditorium on the evening of January 27. Whether confronting an angry crowd of reporters as… Keep Reading


Book Review: Dog Songs by Mary Oliver

By Rachel Hertzberg, Staff Writer Millennials are said to have a great aptitude for ironic detachment: we are unable to have face-to-face conversations, we are disgusted by genuine displays of emotion, and we communicate only in memes and sarcasm. I think of our generation’s tendency toward cynicism as a coping mechanism in the face of… Keep Reading


Let the Good Times Roll for the Fords

By Pat O’Shea, Sports Writer Ladies and gentlemen, the Haverford women’s basketball team is on a roll. With a victory this past Tuesday night against their rival Bryn Mawr,  the Fords secured their ninth victory in a row, surpassing the previous record of eight consecutive victories. After a hard-fought road loss to Ursinus College on… Keep Reading


January Book Review: “After Alice”

By Kate Hawthorne, Staff Writer If you like “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll, then you should read… “After Alice” by Gregory Maguire This novel continues in the same vein as Maguire’s more well-known novel “Wicked”  — famous for the Broadway adaptation by the same name — in challenging preconceived… Keep Reading

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