Haverford Plenary and Honor Code Ratification

Article and photo by Ethan Lyne, Staff Editor The reverberations from the #AllStrugglesOneCode protest at Haverford’s Fall 2017 Plenary were felt loud and clear on Sunday, Feb. 18, at the Spring 2018 Plenary. Despite the short duration of this year’s Spring Plenary, many of the same discussions raised at the previously Plenary were reintroduced, such… Keep Reading


“Black Atlas” Explores Intersections Between Art and Colonial Domination

By Joanne Mikula, Staff Writer White men have long dominated the art world, deciding which objects are worthy to appear in museums and framing the surrounding discourse. The mechanisms of this domination are the subject of Swedish based research-artist Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn’s exhibition “Black Atlas”, currently on view at Haverford’s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery (CFG). A… Keep Reading

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New Target in Ardmore Likely to Benefit Students

By Ethan Lyne, Staff Editor Although both Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College are nestled in a suburban community with plenty of amenities and stores nearby, the area lacks shopping options oriented towards the more cost-conscious college students on both campuses. However, this will all change in the next year with the planned construction of… Keep Reading


“Wonder Woman”: Female Strength and The Power of Love

By JOANNE MIKULA, Staff Writer Since her creation by American psychologist and author William Moulton Marston in 1941, Wonder Woman has remained a divisive figure. Patty Jenkins’ 2017 film “Wonder Woman” by no means escapes this controversy.  Many people have lauded the new film as groundbreaking in the way that it subverts the male gaze… Keep Reading

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No More Torpor: An Immersive Artistic Experience

By GWYNNE DULANEY, Staff Writer Whether caught up in the whirlwind of midterms or slogging through the monotony of daily life, sometimes what Bi-Co students really need is to take a step back and enjoy their surroundings. No More Torpor is a new club dedicated to immersing students into the unexpected and whimsical through the… Keep Reading

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“Is it art?”: Claire Van Watkins Speaks About the Writing Process

By JULIA HABLAK, Staff Writer Novelist and essayist Claire Vaye Watkins joined Tri-Co students and faculty on Wednesday, Nov. 15 for the third installment of the Bryn Mawr 2017-2018 Reading Series. The author brought her books, “Battleborn,” a short story collection, and “Gold Fame Citrus,” her debut novel. Unlike this year’s previous Reading Series authors,… Keep Reading

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Art Therapy and Open Mic Night Spreads Awareness of Sexual Harm

By JULIA HABLAK, Staff Writer Thursday nights in Arnecliffe studio are havens for students seeking a creative outlet. Sponsored by the Bryn Mawr Art Club, these evenings typically feature a specific project, such as making pet rocks or marbling paper with shaving cream. On Nov. 10, however, Art Club partnered with Students Against Sexual Harm… Keep Reading


The Warriors of Xi’an Visit Philadelphia

by KATE HAWTHORNE, Staff Writer You don’t need a transcontinental plane ticket to see some of China’s greatest archaeological treasures — they’re only a SEPTA ride away. The Franklin Institute has opened an exhibit featuring terracotta warriors, a colossal collection of life-size clay soldiers created over 2,000 years ago in Xi’an, China. The exhibit, which… Keep Reading

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