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Student, Entrepreneur—Why not Both?

By Nathan Sokolic, Contributing Writer Over the last several years, I have engaged in activities, projects and businesses that some would consider to be “entrepreneurial.” But what does that really mean? Is there some sort of checklist that one should cross off in order to reach “entrepreneur” status? If there were such a list, I… Keep Reading


Does the Tri-Co Give the Most Bang for Your Buck? A Close Look at College Costs versus Post-Graduation Income

By Isfar Munir, Contributing Writer Student loan debt continues to be recognized as a major issue in the United States, along with the soaring growth of college tuition costs. It wasn’t always this expensive to get a degree, but despite these new costs, college enrollment continues to increase. A projected 3.9 million more people enrolled… Keep Reading


Haverford Men’s Soccer Update

By Pat O’Shea, Contributing Writer Drake’s lyrics blast from the speakers of Historic Walton Field on a damp Saturday afternoon. The sun has not broken through the clouds in days, but the future of the Haverford men’s soccer program could not be brighter. The Fords are seeking back-to-back Centennial Conference titles for the first time in… Keep Reading


Haverford Cricket Starts on a High Note

By Toni Aguilar Cole and Courtney Link, Staff Writers In the first game of the season held on Sept. 11, the Haverford cricket team faced the US women’s national team in a rare exhibition match. An anticipated win for the national team ended with a rather close score of 63-62 in Haverford’s favor. The Haverford… Keep Reading

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ASA Takes Center Stage in “A Work in Translation”

By Meredith Scheiring, Contributing Writer Saturday, Oct. 1 was the annual Bryn Mawr Asian Students Association (ASA) Culture Show. Titled “A Work in Translation,” this year’s event featured several groups from the Bi- and Tri-Co, the Philadelphia area, and around the country. The show opened with Kyo Daiko, a Philadelphia community group associated with the… Keep Reading


Who You Gonna Call? The Mawrtyrs!

By Kate Hawthorne, Staff Writer  If you came to Thomas 224 at around 7:30 this past Friday, you found yourself in the midst of some of the biggest excitement on campus. Every seat was filled so that, by the time the film actually started, people had resorted to sitting and standing in the aisles. Everyone wanted… Keep Reading


Why I Left Home

By Arianna Bernas, Opinion Editor The International Students: intrepid, curious, and hungry to prove ourselves. Oftentimes, it seems as if we’ve always wanted an educational experience outside of home, and for some of us that may be true. But no matter how ready we may feel we are, leaving home and everything we know is… Keep Reading

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